Super Pulsed Lasers:

Beware: Many of the companies that claim their laser is Super Pulsed is actually a chopped continuous wave, very misleading and they know that. It's like someone misleading you and talking to you like they are your friend and helping you and lying to your face. Usually, it's the high turn over sales associates that don't know any different and just say what the managers tell them to say. So, all they know is that the laser is super pulsed when in actuality its not. If there is a laser that anyone is questioning if its really Super Pulsed, ask me. I know.

Most of the lasers that claim to be super pulsed are really just reducing the average power of the laser although the good thing is that it lessens the chance of burning the skin with untrained technicians.

A Super Pulsed diodes is very expensive. The frequencies have a super high amplitude over sever hundred nano seconds. They also have a Gallium Arsenide type diode. This is how they are different unlike the continuous wave diodes that are made of Gallium Aluminum Arsenide. The big giveaway that a pulsed laser is a chopped is if the wavelength is below 800nm

The super pulsed lasers have the highest peak power and lowest average power. This peak power is very short, like 100 nano seconds. This is not just 50% on and 50% off like a chopped continuous wave laser. The Super Pulsed lasers usually are between 904nm and 905nm. The 904nm at these nano second intensities deliver a less fluence of joules but go deeper. This is when doctors usually want this so they can use super high wattage and go deep but not burn anyone.

I will say that most of the people that have used both types say that the super pulsed lasers work faster. This is probably due to getting the entire tissue instead of just the surface with a lower average powered laser. Also since the super pulsed lasers fire high amounts of joules for only nano seconds, the patient feels doesn't get that hot burning feeling.

Although manufacturer's that sell one type and not the other will tell you how you should buy theirs and not the other type, this can lead to confusion. I can only say certain things on my website and can't give testimonials or claims. The best way is to go by what doctors who have been using both their feedback on the two. If you are debating between a super pulsed vs continuous wave, I can answer almost any question and go over any feedback I have gotten. I will never try to get you to buy one type over another. I can answer any questions. If you want my help, make contact.

Update: I will not sell lasers that are not FDA cleared. Too many doctors have gotten sued since I started this site. I will let everyone know which lasers are now approved
I will never trash talk lasers that did not get approved or those that were never cleared with the FDA. See my requirements for lasers that are not FDA cleared.
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