Many chiropractors are using lasers that are not strong enough to penetrate deep enough. Longer sessions won't matter if it is not strong enough. Those looking for lasers over 10 watts who have enough power but want to "hurry" the sessions or treat through clothing is a separate issue. This is usually what is needed in a high traffic clinic but for a low traffic clinic a 10 watt or even less can be suitable. It's just that most chiropractors can't hold up a treatment room too long and have patients waiting.

​If treating the back, especially with larger people, the more wattage is needed. The treatment time with a high powered laser can take about 4 minutes. With a 60 watt laser, it take 1 to 2 minutes but a laser like that is usually out of people's budgets.

The first thing a doctor must decide on is if they want to treat pain temporarily and just have the pain go away or they want to accelerate healing. The lasers that are used to promote healing are in the broadest category. I recommend different lasers for those who did not actually break anything but just have chronic pain that is not from an accident. No capillaries or bones were broken. Nothing needs to be healed. Usually these are the people that are super acidic, eating food every weekend at the country state fair. Most of the people inquiring about cold laser therapy have nothing broken but just suffer from pain. A class IV laser is not really necessary for this. A high wattage laser that delivers high amounts of joules is what most doctors use for repairing. These people are already inflamed. Why the #%@#% are they trying to inflame them even more. Get trained by people who what what they are doing and not some sales person who thinks they are know it alls like 5th graders who think they know everything.

If treating chronic symptoms is the main issue, a class 3 laser is more suitable. And I mean that. Not some sales hype because I am trying to sell a class 3 laser to those who can't afford a class 4 laser. Listen, if someone's body is already -50 mv, why use a class 4 laser to have analgesic effects. Please know the differences. If a person's voltage is -20, which is a degenerate state, different precautions should be taken when setting the right intensity level on the laser.

​I strongly urge chiropractors to know the voltage of their patients before using a laser on them. If the body is already at -50 millivolts, their pain is usually almost intolerable. Depending on the voltage, it can take longer for certain people for the laser to bring that body part to -20 or higher. 
The laser, if it brings people back to -50 mv, the body can start making new cells. Cells cannot heal or start making new cells if it's not at least at -50. All voltage means is the capacity of the cell to store energy, just like a 4 volt battery stores less energy than a 9 volt battery. Nearly all people's thumbs are normally at -20mv. If you hit it with a hammer, within a split second it can go to -50 milivolts. Pain is immediate. A class 4 laser can reduce this sensation. 
See my page on picking out the right wattage laser
chiros are always being confronted by laser companies that give them free trials. Many chiros fall for the bait. Once they starting using it for a month, they of course like it but don't know any better. The last guy got suckered into some low quality class 4 laser and they read reviews and then then couldn't get out of the contract.

Chiros are so confused because after they get one laser on demo, they usually want to try others if its not to late. Everyone makes their laser out to be the best one. They say pulsed lasers are bad and then try to sell you a super pulsed. or that you don't need a very high wattage.. yea.. becuase they know you don't want to spend that much. If they though you could afford a 30 watt laser... well. put it this way.. if you call a company and say you have a high budget, watch and see if they try to sell your their most powerful laser.. I am tired of salespeopl asking me what my budget is... why don't you ask me what my needs are and the paiteints i am trying to treat and YOU, yes, you the salesperson tell ME what its gonna cost...arggg

Update: I will not sell lasers that are not FDA cleared. Too many doctors have gotten sued since I started this site. I will let everyone know which lasers are now approved
I will never trash talk lasers that did not get approved or those that were never cleared with the FDA. See my requirements for lasers that are not FDA cleared.
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