Know if your laser can penetrate clothing. Many people don't want to take their clothing off where the pain is. Most lasers can't go through clothing. There are only a few lasers that can actually work through clothing. Also, certain people prefer to stay clothed as they may have an injury that is better for them to keep their clothing on. A 30 watt laser or stronger should be able to penetrate through most clothing but it will feel more like a 2 to 4 watt laser but still, this is more powerful than most class 3 lasers. Also, for residential lasers, infusing the laser is what many people like. This works great with the infrared lasers that have invisible radiation, not a light that it emits.

Note: clothes can stop about 80 to 100% of most lasers depending on the thickness and actual color of the clothes. An infused laser is one of the few laser that can penetrate clothes because if just 1% gets through, it works. Most doctors don't really use the infused lasers as those deliver high amounts of joules to where the laser is treating. A 5mw infused lasers, which can even be just a laser pointer, can be infused. With infused lasers, I always move the laser clockwise and never counterclockwise.

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Update: I will not sell lasers that are not FDA cleared. Too many doctors have gotten sued since I started this site. I will let everyone know which lasers are now approved
I will never trash talk lasers that did not get approved or those that were never cleared with the FDA. See my requirements for lasers that are not FDA cleared.
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