How many people per hour are going to use the laser?
If not in a high traffic area a lower wattage laser can be adequate. With the lower powered ones, you can't rush it. A class 3 laser can be fine too as long as it has the right wavelength and power density but might be perfect for a massage therapist who will be in session for 30 minutes anyway. Some lasers are the size of a thumb and can be used while massaging or adjusting. They can be quite expensive, especially the 500 watt thumb size lasers.

Podiatrists: Typically buy 7 watt and under. I have not had any situation where a podiatrist needs more than 7 watts.

11. Ask how long are session times.
A stronger laser can save about 30 seconds between a 15 watt and a 30 watt class 4 laser, for example. Class 3 laser strength differences can mean a shorter session time or one that is several minutes longer for each area. It is not fair to the patient to give them a 20 minute session when it really should take 2 minutes. It's a waste of the doctors and the patients time because the doctor bought a cheap laser and also the patient didn't take time to research the different lasers at local clinics.
The extra savings of 30 seconds per patient can add up to hours over a month which can cost more in the long run.\

16. How many treatments are suggested for specific usages?
Usually the first treatment helps the pain symptoms or nerve spasms and the continuing works slower and slower. Each additional treatment is a little less effective. If someone used a class 4 for half their sessions and went to a class 3, it would be better to do a class 3 and then a class 4. Many people who don't generate a lot of ATP and healing energy respond differently than those who do. A class 3 laser might be powerful enough for some but not hardly enough power for another. I would always check the person's internal healing ability before choosing a wattage setting.
Doctors are not recommended to do more than 2 laser treatments per week. Many doctors are having patients come in 3 to 4 times a week at low dosages when really the body is not getting the right dosage to begin with. A good laser should only require 2 sessions a week with a Class 4 laser. It is unfair to the patient to have them come in more than twice a week because the doctor has a weak laser.
AT 2 sessions per week this gives the patient enough time to utilize their dosage. If the energy cycle is sped up too much and the cells become over-oxygenated the cells can go into the inflammation state, instead of the healing state. Bringing the cells beyond -50 mv (healing state), can traumatize the cells preventing the healing process.

There needs to be enough time to go by so the cells can repair themselves before the next treatment.

17. How does the doctor know how often is too often to give a Class IV laser session?
If the laser is used too soon, it can release too many toxins over too short of a time and many people cannot handle it. If the liver cannot process all the endo-toxins released or the 3 to 5 table spoons of toxic lymphatic fluid per minute circulating back to the gut. Learn what happens when the body cannot expel toxins fast enough. Drinking lots of fluid after a laser session will help dilute the toxins and can make the symptoms less. 
If someone has a back muscle pain, they might notice soreness all over their body as the toxins move into the joints or in the gut. Symptoms of stomach and headaches might be the first thing people notice. This is the body's way of dealing with the wastes from the blood delivering to them that has been leached out of the area. Remember, about 4 to 10 sessions is all that should ever be used on an area. You don't want to over stimulate the area and lower the body's natural ATP producing ability.

Most people have pain from the inflammation that body is causing. If the right parameters are used, the red blood cells can have much more surface area (hydro philic) to hold more oxygen. This increase in oxygen in the inflamed area can quickly bring down inflammation which is noticeable by pain reduction just after the first session.

Update: I will not sell lasers that are not FDA cleared. Too many doctors have gotten sued since I started this site. I will let everyone know which lasers are now approved
I will never trash talk lasers that did not get approved or those that were never cleared with the FDA. See my requirements for lasers that are not FDA cleared.
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