These questions will help me pick out just the right laser based on your answers. These question have no sales manipulation or hidden agenda and I will never sell your information to anyone. The quiz is for anyone seeking a cold laser and confused on which one to get.

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I am interested in a
What type of area do you plan on treating
How many times are you using the laser a day?
Do you need a consultation so you can find the right laser?
Cold Laser pricing
Do you need a free 30 day trial to use the laser?
Have you been on any other review sites from people that stole my information and copied pretty much all my reviews.
My experience with Cold Lasers:
Do you prefer a particular brand?
If so, which one?
Cold Laser Manufacturing Origin:
Cold Laser Pricing:
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If you are someone who has a cold laser question that I have not answered on the website, please let me know and I will try to answer it.
Did anyone go to Life Univeristy?
I am interested in cold laser for
Actual pricing
I want a laser that
What types of conditions are you looking to treat with the laser? 
Do you need to be trained on how to use a class IV laser
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ask for Alex

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class III laser
class IV laser
suface areas only
deeper areas only
all areas
once or twice a day
at least every hour
all day long, continuous use
yes, I have a few questions before I buy a cold laser
NO. I know what I want. Just need to a price
I need a reasonably priced laser
I will take a used or demo laser if I can get a deal and is still under warranty
I just need the lowest price on a laser if it works
yes, I want to see if it works first
I will pass on the free trial if I can get the laser cheaper
Yes, and thats not cool.
No, but if I find them I will support this site if it gives me the best service :)
I've used a cold laser but don't remember the brand
Used one at my doctor's office
Saw one briefly but never used one
Saw them only over the Internet
I want to get a better one
I prefer made in U.S.
I prefer made in China
I prefer made in Germany (most expensive)
I don’t care as long as its quality
I want the best that money can buy as long as it is reasonable
I will take a display or demo laser for a discounted price
I will sacrifice only bells and whistles I don't need for a good price
The lowest price is the best for me
I want to be directed to the right source, I don't want to waste time and money in the long run.
I want to become a dealer so I would like to speak with the appropriate party.
I just want to get one within my set budget.
I will purchase right away if I can get approved for financing.
yes, I went there
clinical use
residential use
under $2000 short term use, entry level quality, may need to be sent in for repairs periodically
$2,000 to $5,000, residential grade, daily usage, Class III
$5,000 to $10,000+, commercial quality, long term usage, entry Class IV
will do the job even if it takes longer
will do the job faster even it costs more
time doesn't matter as long as it works
I want the most powerful laser that will get results
I do and know that this will add to the cost of the laser
I can watch videos on my own. Don't need to figure extra thousands into the cost for training
$10,000 to $20,000+, high traffic lasers, high wattage,
$20,000 to $30,000+, Highest average power, All day usage, lasers over 30 to 60 watts