Customization / programmability
Most practitioners have favorite settings that they will use for specific conditions. These favorite settings can include parameters of wavelength (or color of light for devices that have multiple diodes types with independent control), output power (for devices that provide this option), pulsing pattern (for pulse-capable devices) and treatment time. It is highly desirable to have the ability to program and store these "treatment recipes" on the device so that they are easily available without laborious setup each time they are used.

For several reasons, device regulation prevents manufacturers from providing devices pre-programmed with a wide range of treatment protocols, so this feature is especially important if you plan to use the cold laser for more than a few specific indicated uses. This feature is even more important if the cold laser is to be used as a diagnostic aid.

There are many variations of so called pre-programmed lasers on the market. Some offer
starter protocols that has simple variations of power, frequency and time, making these parameters known to the user and even affording them the option of changing them as their knowledge and experience improves. Others, however, provide the user with nothing more than a choice of letters or numbers that represent different proprietary programs?, ensuring that the user is kept completely in the dark as to what they're actually doing.

Such programs may consist of various frequencies and exposure times, often in automatically-changing combinations of such; for instance, 20 seconds of 500 Hz + 40 second of 120 Hz + 10 second of 1500 Hz.

The user is informed only that program? is supposed to be the best for e.g. headache, and that another program and time/frequency combination is the best for arthritis, etc.

The buyer of such an instrument trusts that the constructor of the instrument knows that this is a fact. However, there are no such optimal time/frequency combinations scientifically proved to be better than others. Their are only a few pre programed lasers that I have had good results with. There are many pre programed lasers still out there that I can't figure out how they can claim what they do. I can answer any questions about the pre programed lasers that I have reviewed. Make contact on my contact page if you have a questions

Update: I will not sell lasers that are not FDA cleared. Too many doctors have gotten sued since I started this site. I will let everyone know which lasers are now approved
I will never trash talk lasers that did not get approved or those that were never cleared with the FDA. See my requirements for lasers that are not FDA cleared.
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