Power Scams: The real power is how much of the laser is concentrated at one time. Some lasers can penetrate 5cm but by the time it gets to 5cm it is a very light amount of joules. It's barely stimulating so what's the point. The people who sold me a laser don't seem to know the difference between the power (wattage) and energy. Power is the rate at which energy is delivered, not an amount of energy itself.

Many of these inferior lasers have high wattages but don't penetrate as well as their cheap components scatter the light and most of the light absorbs on the skin surface. These lasers also usually have about half the spot size. A laser can have a very high wattage but if the fluence is so low, who cares. A laser must have the components to handle a high power density. There are some really cheap cold lasers that are built so cheaply that its almost a fire hazard unless you follow their instructions and don't let the laser get too hot. These are also the companies that will gladly replace the laser for free when it breaks because you paid like 9 times their cost to start.

I can go over the more complex components needed to allow for a laser to work back to back, especially in high traffic clinics. Also if a laser is needed for very thick tissue densities, a higher power density that is Super Pulsed might be needed to avoid heat build up on the skin. Continuous wave lasers that have high power densities must be moved constantly to avoid burning any tissues.

If you have questions about the lasers you are about to get such as if it has an expensive enough power supply to handle high traffic or there are any precautions that the manufacturer might not be telling you, such as you have to wait 20 minutes between use and you gotta patient sitting their waiting to use the laser, this is not cool because you could of bought one that has a shorter time between sessions and that can operate much longer due to a more sophisticated delivery system.

If you want real advice make contact.

Update: I will not sell lasers that are not FDA cleared. Too many doctors have gotten sued since I started this site. I will let everyone know which lasers are now approved
I will never trash talk lasers that did not get approved or those that were never cleared with the FDA. See my requirements for lasers that are not FDA cleared.
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